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for. trace i create a day in jail. as unpleasant lusciousness on issues. like this as a main. part of the obama cuts is why some of us who wish to. fight you know what about smart if you controlling people fit and i don't i know us or any of this is very much easier said than done as you go i mean we still as a yoga store in the meantime. i love my car but if. i cut the glory like young. denise lewis of religious. circles it was healed of the muck me wasn't getting any stuff gets revealed i could finally released someone uses my way of life possible over. to the sympathy for
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critiques critique of critics it some people don't deserve it. forced. me scuse me goes you don't push for those tickets my son say. your focus you think you very much that's all you want it was fun to very much not serious. mostly about the trouble cause it gets me on the ground gives me a bit warm up to say it's like me i'm seeing surface bush. this is a place i found the great commission ministry. just then hit a day where the one making the right choice in the next boy. i
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mean. as if i didn't realize already this is this is pretty adorable. to mice when i was writing that they were minus kind of the of us were to remember my feet. as an egg lever in the slush. fund of the been in the streets one day because it been cold humiliating and frightening to someone from in that stairwell they could have tied me up any time. i could easily see what drugs or alcohol would have as a way to block out which reality. you need help to consent to have someone touch me for.
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all to see we have a great team we need to strengthen before the freefall world cold and you're better than a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that weighting spirit to the r.c.t. . reasonably i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last will come from that steroids or as we've. thousand old joke goes oh you didn't hear i called russia. i
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fly strike strike left left left more or less ok stop that's really good that we all willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but noone has signed up to be friggin poisoned by our own people i've seen stuff that was nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not own the truck tires all types of styrofoam old and polished irene's batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between brom pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining about the onus is from their exposure from the berm pits would really literally send a v.a. broke and they don't want to pay it so the waiting and decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they will have to pay and. cultural to
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get the middle finger to move using the bottle or the slow. delayed and i hope you got. a batch or sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last term. here at right up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry for me i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never again like it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters my mind it's consumed with death this one quite different. he speaks he is standing over there to. fame to
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mainstream media has met its make. those the longest look a little known. maybe. the cumulative least. on the streets was more than enough for me the sundering discomfort enough but the humiliation was worse. it was soul destroying. many to find a way i wanted to spend christmas eve with some people who got their lives back on
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track. very good. well thank you very much. have signified a subsidy. get this property lost all tied up. it's up from the arse this projects were an intervention same with the truck you know people are drug addictions. the difference a massive absolutely massive. this enabled me. to get my life back on track he when you leave stray homeless you don't realize just what an impact that has on someone's life it's. you know you have to get used to sharon again you. i have to get used to cook here i mused again when you came in i guess
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you didn't know any now i had. the clothes on the back when i when i came here i had a pair of jeans all. pair of trainers with holes in that was a kind hit with without the opportunity if these guys given that to me are very nice where i. go on weeks. very. little. is. the doing script. he was on the streets prison from the age of eighteen he going to show me some of his old it's. a little old. home of the.
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white. castle he's not in it. yet he says he sees this is the school yeah welcome to the school this is here you see where i still reside. as you can say you know there's makeshifts just be careful where you take guys. yeah yeah definitely want. you know where you're more welcome to if you wish but you know there's a makeshift beds you can see people's bedrooms this is people's belongings these people with the stuffy look cool in here he says oh people's belongings you can say there's actually. you know a proper bed down there you know i my love mine is still very.
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well. i'm now in the understanding that there's about four of us now on the understanding this for four of them now. odious lot was a little opened up yes all good all this where all these boards if you much you know what i'm gone that was all open space so there used to refer you know i used to get. in there at nighttime been well we had our beds position for the snow would actually come up so when i walk. right in front of me he and i lose his addiction was at its strongest he was suffering from chronic psychosis. these marks i would actually pick yeah. squeezed escape thinking that there was
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stuff on the naif my skin and if i couldn't get it out i'll get a knife and i'll cut myself open and then get the knife and start taking it so hard to get these bits out of nothing. saying same things used to refer. just rip myself to shreds my. you know one point. of saying this but my face was one big gap. yeah i was just just. telling myself to shreds all die. eventually louis was picked up by an outreach team and goes into temporary accommodation he's now trying to give back on working with an organization which deals with the homeless the local authorities can't help. but he's refused his must use social. he went into the street right in front of my eyes.
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are you trying to. help. it can be a long and painful journey away from homelessness and addiction and lunchtime i'm a twin brothers kevin and brian toohey they're experienced as six junkies and they lived rough and close traffic on the streets of soap at the end of the century. taking babies moving them only. we don't don't take you much and they end up i feel. so i mean that to be good for you to do it just moved up a little bit today these people here do nothing still they moved out. yeah yeah yeah i will sue so change the bank she's missing is from going to. my.
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head she'll be always f. ing up those patients. were. really dangerous but yeah i can always population. consisting of a long violent. people out of here over. pagans yet when i'm out of here people fight for food are almost always kind of a funny friend i was one thing along here with the queer feel how i felt over the earth then you know the hormonal. kind of the early years in a row of i got to know i was caught i am i didn't run so i couldn't fail the money had been stolen and i was left there. why would you stay with it
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just because of the drugs that you stay here with this money. we can handle off when we got us then the one who. left us well piccadilly circus member is right with her and they're just waiting to get rid of all these easy bodies it looked like fifteen years ago the brothers were feared around this area of the bride and is now a notice to kevin the set up is an addiction recovery consultancy it took a terrible personal tragedy to make him turn this month around our son kevin was try their way through actually the way across the way for a woman both i am as i'm really. thankful for the why go for a like i was when i was so i don't feel. my southie dog i've written called who won over coverage i know i can focus on eventually recovering from a veteran of the passive horse you know homeless or i think you'd be proud or if.
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that's half the battle it seems just finding the will to carry on the next day we drive down to kevin's home by the seaside sleeping. during a bunch of money just finally christmas day. that's extreme make me crazier stuff and i can tell you're the star of your stars it's of the kitchen is made all this stuff we have to see we have to have you already do we tell you to move as you do t.v. you look if you look great. but i think. i was a willing go. how many meals have you done with ted about sixty five today yes yes it would be bigots i guess today. we might not have responded because it's wrong. just leave your scenario friend.
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yeah yeah. yeah yeah yeah i am i'd like. to see a family holiday for many years the twins of celebration stick with those who've gone nowhere else to go today is no different it's to keep the lid trimmings for every. man. i. go oh me oh my god i did have. a yeah yeah you could still get it. but missed out on christmas with my family but there was real christmas spirit in that hole as much as i hated being out in the streets i love being at home sometimes. it might
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just be a few days in a miserable year but it's clear that the holiday still gives people hope i've waited to open a car i've been given by a young man a few words that remind me just tell lucky i really am. the central bank especially there is the lender of last resort or to provide liquidity if case there is a credit freeze the fact that you have such a banks becoming the buyer of first order and that they're printing money to buy stocks is a complaint inversion of what their role is supposed to be in the economy and they become a giant hedge fund. young
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children who've worked in bolivia for generations almost three quarters of a million doing so today. this culture led to the development of bolivia's new liberal and highly controversial children's code in two thousand and fourteen which gave children as young as ten the right to work on the certain circumstances but there's a new thing this. is all new for. the . eat with us in the end all. the things years. but there are hundreds of thousands of children in bolivia operating completely
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outside the local. mining work you strictly forbidden by the children but it's never in force and that means the schoolboy minus continue risking their lives for the money they need to survive on.
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president trump agrees to again to waive certain sanctions on iran but warns that the u.s. will walk away from the nuclear deal unless revisions are made. washington post bureau chief in beirut is blasted on twitter for praising the bravery of the syrian journalist who was reputed to be a terrorist sympathizer. and the new york police union sues the forces commissioner and the city mayor claiming body cam video is being released for political gain. for the latest on these stories you can head to r.t. dot com stay with us now for the financial news in the kaiser report.
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but i'm asked eyes are this is the kaiser for perpetual motion machines you've heard about me read about it try to create one when you were sixth grade probably do they exist i don't know maybe just talk to stacey max keiser well it's mad mad world out there everybody's getting on the chain the block chain they're issuing their own coins we've seen kodak coin we see the long island iced tea we're going to have a blotchy in the shares we're not everybody's getting out on that and everybody is talking about that craziness but you know this is the entire world is crazy because mad markets s. and p. has already surpassed year and price targets with only eight days to twenty eight teens here's a chart this little dot on line down here was where the market started the year and this line here is where most analysts predicted the s. and p. five hundred would be at the end of the year but it already hit that with an eight
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days the markets are mad at. it well you know if the cost of light is near zero then markets can go to infinity that's the way it works now i hear there's a rumor out there that the chinese are going to stop buying u.s. treasury debt that's been our rumor for hundreds of years that hundreds of years but it's been a rumor for at least ten years and of course there is the. understanding that china and america as a symbiotic relationship where china's sense of are all the cheap goods and they buy all the bonds and this goes on in perpetuity but you know there's a lot of tension now between these two superpowers and china has in fact curtailed their bond purchases which would mean that the cost of money goes up because of
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bond market goes down interest rates go up despite what the federal reserve bank does they can only control the very shortest term on the yield curve they can really control the middle of the long term so if china dumps u.s. treasury bonds and interest rates start going up then there is something called cost for money for the first time in ten years so apple would not buy back its own stock it would be too costly we're going to get into apple buying back its own stock in these next headlines but first i want to talk about the fact that there's switzerland we need to talk about switzerland this is a little small country and i'm going to compare it to the fact that here i mentioned at the top of the show kodak coin could that coin is one hundred something year old company it used to produce you know film for video and for like you take a little snapshot on your vacations and you would take the little roll of kodak film to your you know the print shop and have it printed
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a few weeks later now their shares have soared over doubling after they announced they're going to come out with their own cryptocurrency so in a market right now it seems first mover to announce that they're a block chain or they have a crypto coin is soaring they're benefiting from it it shows that people have an appetite for investment in anything related to crypto now switzerland you and i have talked about them since two thousand and eight since the financial crisis when they were basically their currency the swiss franc is treated kind. as a commodity everybody pours into it during bad times their the value of their cool their crypt their coin their coin their currency the swiss francs the swiss franc soars so member we've discussed the fact that they started printing swiss francs and buying shares in companies around the world we said this was insane but they
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were the first mover there small country and they can do this and they have benefited big time as the first mover to go full insane well switzerland central bank made fifty five billion dollars last year more than apple's profits switzerland got a lot wealthier in twenty seventeen thanks to a central bank's emergence as a major money manager with a near eight hundred billion dollars portfolio of foreign stocks and bonds so they announced that they had fifty four billion swiss francs and profit which is about fifty five billion dollars they just print the money and buy shares and these international companies and they made more than apple so apple has to actually go through the whole process of hiring engineers and technicians and designers and producing phones and coming out with phones and doing all this stuff but here is the swiss national bank could be more powerful than apple just printing out money and yeah but it's a repudiation of the entire concept of a central bank
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a central bank as opposed to there's a lender of last resort or to provide liquidity in case there's a credit freeze the fact that you have such a banks becoming the buyer of first order and that they're printing money to buy stocks is a complete inversion of what their role is supposed to be in the economy and they become a giant hedge fund and they again are utilize or maximizing or benefiting from the fact that their cost of printing their wampum their funny money their fear nonsense is era and they're buying real assets with those zero zero cost money and that is a nerve on a like situation that. it is not going to last forever because it's going to be a geo political tensions whether it's china blowing up and saying you know we're not going to buy u.s. treasuries anymore interest rates cannot remain at zero ever yet but again first of all i'm saying that kodak coin for example kodak is not something that you and i being having been in the bitcoin industry for the past seven eight years when it
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was only two dollars a coin you wouldn't have thought of kodak as a thought leader or innovator in the crypto space and yet they were the first mover and one of the first publicly listed movers into the space and they've benefited. the swiss national bank in a market of other global central banks saw all those bigger central banks the u.s. federal reserve the bank of japan their european central bank going crazy lowering interest rates driving costs down and they as a smaller country a little tiny entity of just a few million people compared to three hundred and something million people under the e.c.b. three hundred million people into the u.s. federal reserve went got a first mover advantage whether or not the u.s. central bank whether or not the european central bank will be able to buy shares in apple as swiss the swiss national bank has done swiss national bank owns millions of dollars worth of shares of apple by the way that's part of their portfolio so
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whether or not the u.s. government could do that without causing hyperinflation i don't think that they could do it like the swiss national bank has done and all of these mad markets whether it's kodak coin or the s. and p. five hundred already hitting near and estimates in the first eight days you know this could be the sort of spiral the vortex the craziness that you know these eight years ago or nine years ago was set in ten years ago back in two thousand and eight when they central bank started going insane is this is finally they're finally getting the inflation that they want but i don't know whether or not it will be out of control well you do have some pressure on the u.s. dollar or the reserve currency is trending down if you see that break ninety on the index you know they're going to have a free fall which would be a catastrophic event but look at the swiss national bank you know you have to compare them to let's say nestle corp nestle corp will buy a reservoir of water a public utility of water from the public domain for nothing and then they'll sell
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in bottles for a markup and they'll claim their business genius men even though they're basically just stole of the public's utility the public's. ok the public is like deranged by it the public is also now like clamoring to get. raw water from a company and california raw water means it's not treated or they go like this and take it out of the river and give it to you and there are all sorts of bugs and viruses and bacteria in their water go on authentic disease and organic authentic diseases that a virtual cyber diseases yaz the mind by what they're actually they want to have authentic gastro intestinal problems that are real you know the fact that the new york times even covered this story of people buying raw water for like twenty dollars a gallon said people clamoring to get their hands on any supply left so now it's like sixty dollars
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a gallon people want it even though the new york times said look at these imbeciles who are buy raw water and everybody's like i want to be the figure imbecile of all so you know there's always a bigger fool at the table apparently but speaking of crazy and this is something you kind of predicted a long time ago and speaking of you know swiss national bank earned more profit than apple well apple to take twenty five percent stake in apple incorporated apple could buy back twenty five percent of its stock over the next three years as it brings home for in cash according to a new analysis from u.b.s. analyst steve in milan of it he reports this to barron's that buying is likely to provide support for shares as i phone unit growth slows and services and other businesses play a more important role so yeah right addicted this well yeah i mean they're buying back their own stock what they've got that job hundred fifty billion or so overseas that.


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